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Meet The Team


Ashley Hollern

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  • M.S. Science of Instruction, Drexel University

  • B.S. Biology, minor Chemistry University of Pittsburgh

  • HS Biology Teacher

  • NASA Endeavor instructor


I am a mother of four children; two boys and two girls. I have worked in the field of science education for over 17 years during which time I have taught high school, middle school, and college science classes. I believe that students of all ages should engage in real-world problem-solving opportunities, and learn the value of partnerships. I know firsthand from my work with the @PBDAcoralproject, and the @wps_project2020 that when students have the opportunity to own the outcomes of a project, a new world of education is experienced by the students and the teachers. I am an advocate for change in education by supporting the teachers because all change in society starts with educators.

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Kirstin Kowan

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  • B.S. in Education, University of Nebraska

  • Certified National Geographic educator

  • Citizen scientist for Team ORCA

  • OCPS Sustainability board member

  • Trained Climate Reality Leadership Corps member

  • Volunteer with Make-A-Wish Foundation, and The Nature Conservancy


I love spending time outside camping, hiking, kayaking, reading, photography, and getting lost as that is when I find some of the most magical places. I have always loved to explore the Earth. I love helping youth learn about how their actions and their voices can make a difference. I love educating youth in a hands-on approach and seeing the “a-ha” moments when they really make genuine connections to a topic. I am a mom of two, Earth advocate, and free spirit. I have been working with youth for 6 years and love teaching young minds.