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Health and Wellness

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Healthy Food and Garden Initiatives

Healthy Food and Garden Initiatives


  • Small-scale food garden projects: container veggie gardens, herb gardens, single-unit tower garden, window-box gardens, etc.

  • Large-scale food garden projects: raised-bed gardens, extensive use of container gardens, in- ground gardens with multiple features, multi-unit hydroponic/tower gardens, aquaponic garden system, etc.

  • Students actively participate in researching, planting, tending, and/or harvesting food gardens

  • Teaching units and activities focused on how plants grow, where our food comes from, nutrition

    & healthy eating

  • School offers programs or extracurricular activities that promote education about healthy, local,

    sustainable foods (ex. culinary arts program, “healthy cooking club,” etc.)

  • Administration provides healthy snack options in school vending machines (as permitted)

  • School involves families in garden and/or shares school produce with families and community

  • Other healthy food and garden initiative(s)


Developing a school garden 


Kids' Corner nutrition and physical activity interactive website and games 


Florida Department of Agriculture  maintain, and sustain a school garden


Tips for teachers promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in the Classroom


What is MyPlate?

benefits og healthy eating


Garden Lesson plan:

Food and Carbon


Grades K-5

Healthy Eating Lessons

Physical Fittness and Well-being

Physical Fitness and Well-being


  • Physical and health education requirements that EXCEED established district, state, or federal requirements

  • Extracurricular sports, fitness, and/or outdoor activity clubs involving students and staff

  • School-wide activities and fundraisers that promote health and well-being: walk-a-thons, dance

    marathons, 5K races, etc.

  • Programs and initiatives to promote social & emotional well-being and improved psychological

    health of students and staff

  • Best practices to improve indoor air quality such as removing excess storage, reducing dust,

    eliminating aerosols/air fresheners, changing cardboard boxes for plastic, etc.)

  • Other physical fitness and/or well-being initiative(s)


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