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At Authentic Exploration Matters (AEM), we believe in empowering educators to provide their students with the best possible learning experience. As a part of our mission, we have curated a list of grants available for classrooms and schools. We understand the challenges educators face and what it takes to provide a quality education, and we want to support them in any way we can. Check out our list of grants below, and let us help you create a successful and engaging learning environment for your students.



The Rickel Foundation:


National Garden Club Pollinate Gardens Grant:


Florida Agriculture School Garden Grants:


Wal-Mart Foundation Grants:


The Lawrence Foundation Grants:


Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants:


Seed Your Future Educator Grants:


Budding Botanist Grant:


Whole Kids Foundation:


EPA Environmental Education Grants:,actions%20to%20protect%20the%20environment


NEEF Grants:


Bowseat Fellowship Grants,challenges%20in%20their%20local%20communities


National Geographic Grants(most will apply for level 1 funding)


NRCS Conservation Innovation Grants


Saxon Family Foundation Grants


Halliburton Granting Programs


Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation:


Captain Planet Foundation Grants:™%20invests,and%20reorganizing%20our%20grants%20program


Lockheed Martin Grants:


Northrop Grumman Grants:


Wells Fargo Grants:


Toyota 4 Good Grants:


Target Foundation Grants Program:


Florida Wildflower Seedlings for Schools Grant Program


NOAA Grants


Disney Environmental Sustainability Grants:


NOAA Sea Grant Funding


National Endowment for the Arts Grants for Art Projects:


Cornelia T Bailey Environment Youth Education Grants:

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