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At Authentic Exploration Matters (AEM), we believe in the power of knowledge and the importance of education. Our mission is to provide an enriching environment where teachers can learn and grow. We offer a range of services to help teachers unlock their potential and to foster creative and engaging learning experiences.

We strive to make sure our teachers feel heard and valued, and to give them the resources they need to reach their fullest potential. We believe teacher voice matters and would love for you to join us for our Live Leading Light Teacher Meet-Ups, or Discovery online events. Come and bring your teacher friends to hang out with our Educator Ambassadors, chat with peers, and learn how AEM can assist you in your classrooms.

Leading light Opportunities



AEM Educatorr Meet-ups

AEM meets every other month at various locations chosen by our AEM educator Ambassadors.  It is a great opportunity to meet fellow educators, and share ideas over coffee or tea! 

Please reach out if you would like us to come to your area!


AEM EducatorWebinar

Every other month AEM hosts a live webinar via zoom.  Our guest speakers are educators that are eager to share the innovative ideas they have implemented in their classrooms. Join us for a webinar and discussion from your home via the zoom link provided

Experience our AEM Community

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I firmly believe that one of the greatest gifts one can give a child is that of exploration through curiosity.   Everyday, teachers engage young minds, empowering them to follow their dreams and lead in the future. I feel so lucky to help educators uncover authentic ways to connect topics to their students. Inspiring teachers, creating a community for them, and providing resources is an important way the AEM can help teachers light the the way for their students.  - Kirstin Cowan, Educator Coordinator

Leading Light Teacher Meet-up

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“Just remember—when you think all is lost, the future remains.” — Robert Goddard.png

Leading Light Discovery

Webinar Series

Beginning November 11, 2023 7:00pm EST

Register Below

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Discovery Webinar Series

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Register for the event and one registered attendee will win AEM Merch!

Note: All attendees will receive our trademark Leading Light Teacher Voice sticker for attendance!

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