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AEM Discovery Workshop Resource Roundup

It is hard to believe April is here!  We hope everyone is doing well.  The staff at Authentic Exploration Matters(AEM) has been busy!  Be sure to check out the new Resource Roundup format as well as our newly redesigned website via the links below.  Remember that AEM is here to help elevate and support the educator community.  Please reach out if you need assistance in locating resources, field trips, funding, Q&A sessions, camps, and more.  We will do our best to help you!  Authentic Exploration Matters also hopes to inspire and uplift the educator community by offering a variety of educator-only experiences.  This week we will focus on the AEM Discovery workshop days and the AEM Leading Light meet-ups.  Discovery workshop days are typically limited to 10-15 educators.  We work closely with organizations to create a day that engages educators in unique learning opportunities.  Discovery days culminate in the creation of a short lesson plan based on what was experienced throughout the workshop.  Visit our website and explore this week's Resource Roundup to learn more!  Additionally, AEM offers their Leading Light meet-up series.  This alternates between in-person and virtual.  This month, on April 27, we hope to gather a group of educators for a fun-filled and restorative day hike!

As AEM is here to support and elevate the educator community, we are always open to hearing ideas from teachers about workshop topics they would love to see!  Have an idea?  Simply send us an email at and we will see if we can design a unique experience.  

Visit the AEM website and access the Resource Roundup link that will take you to all of our past issues as well.

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