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We understand that teachers often face challenges in terms of time constraints, limited resources, and financial constraints when it comes to developing compelling lessons that foster student development. Our focus is on connecting educators with cost-free resources, experiential professional development, and partnerships that enhance purposeful content engagement with classrooms.

Founder and Executive Director

Ashley Hollern, BS, MS

I am a mother of four children; two boys and two girls. I have worked in the field of science education for over 20 years during which time I have taught high school, middle school, and college science classes. I believe that students of all ages should engage in real-world problem-solving opportunities, and learn the value of partnerships. I know firsthand from my work with the @PBDAcoralproject, and the @wps_project2020 that when students have the opportunity to own the outcomes of a project, a new world of education is experienced by the students and the teachers. I am an advocate for change in education by supporting teachers. I strongly believe all change in society starts with educators.


Education Coordinator

Kirstin Cowan BS

I love spending time outside camping, hiking, kayaking, reading, photography, and getting lost as that is when I find some of the most magical places. I have always loved to explore the Earth. I love helping youth learn about how their actions and their voices can make a difference. I love educating youth in a hands-on approach and seeing the “a-ha” moments when they really make genuine connections to a topic. I am a mom of two, Earth advocate, and free spirit. I have been working with youth for 6 years and love teaching young minds.


Meet the Board

At the heart of our company's governance structure lies a distinguished and dynamic Board of Directors, comprising seasoned leaders and visionaries from diverse backgrounds and industries. Charged with guiding our strategic direction, fostering innovation, and ensuring sound corporate governance, our Board brings together a wealth of expertise, experience, and foresight. With a commitment to transparency, accountability, and stakeholder value, our Board plays a pivotal role in steering our organization towards sustainable growth and success in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Tiffany Alraefae


Jennifer Donaldson


Tim Rumage


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