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Navigating the Maze of Resources to Identify the BEST!  

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As teachers, we know that it can be time-consuming to find the best resources to help develop and expand your lessons. 

AEM's Education Coordinator Kirstin Cowan is excellent at finding the BEST resources/ connections for your next project.

We believe that education is a collaborative effort, and we work closely with educators,  schools and our community members to ensure that our programs and resources meet the needs of those we serve.

AEM Blog - by Kirstin Cowan

Kirstin Cowan, our Education Coordinator, is dedicated to providing the best resources for educators every month. She focuses on curating content that is interdisciplinary and relevant across grade levels, all centered around a specific theme. Check out her blog or the past editions of the resource round-up.  There are always ways to stay connected to Kirstin and her amazing resource curating ability!


Stay tuned for her expertly curated collections!


Kirstin has compiled her past resource Round-ups into the following Issues.  Feel free to check out past resources and learn what our amazing AEM Educator Ambassadors are up and learn about the resources they want to share with you!



Our teacher support program is designed to equip educators with the necessary resources and skills to provide their students with engaging and effective learning experiences. Through our program, teachers gain access to a community of like-minded professionals, as well as specialized training and development opportunities.

Check out our newly released Group page!

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