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AEM Blue Economy Resource Roundup

Hello educators!  We are less than two weeks away from the winter break and I am sure everyone is ready for some much needed time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.  Here at Authentic Exploration Matters(AEM) I have been working on putting together a new experience series for educators.  I am hoping to have it ready to roll in the spring.  So, keep an eye out for some news on that!  As always, I am also available to help you find resources and make connections to experiential learning opportunities that you can both integrate into your classroom or participate with in-person.  If you have a subject area that you are looking for resources or enhancements for, please reach out and I will be happy to see how AEM can help.  Just send me an email with your request!

On a side note, NOAA has officially opened up their application process for the NOAA Ocean Guardian Youth Ambassador program.  The program is for youth ages 13-18.  The application deadline is January 5.  If accepted, individuals will be asked to attend monthly virtual meetings and to do some sort of project.  You can learn more about this great opportunity at

The Resource Roundup this week features a relatively “new” topic to the realm of education.  This week we focus on the Blue Economy.  Many understand that the blue economy can play an essential role in the future of a sustainable planet.  Introducing students to the concepts encompassed within the world of the blue economy can help them view ways the blue economy will be a key to positive strides for the global community.  Explore this “Wave of the Future” as you uncover interactive teaching resources, explore the NOAA resource bank, and learn ways youth can play a key role via the Youth Ocean Action Toolkit.  

The Resource Roundup can be access via the .pdf files below or via the Canva link.  Simply click on the round image next to each resource description and you will be directed to that resource website.

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