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AEM Challenges and Competitions Resource Roundup

Now that we are in the final weeks of the school year, the team at Authentic Exploration Matters(AEM) is gearing up for “summer mode”.  We do have a unique workshop that educators can join as we kick off summer!  Join AEM as we collaborate with Mote Marine on June 3, 2024!  This is a Discovery Day workshop during which we will learn about blue holes and ways to incorporate data and inquiry based lessons in the classroom.  The day begins at 9:45am at the Mote Marine entrance.  We will then talk with a scientist as we discover blue holes and discuss how we can translate what we learned into the classroom.   We will also tour the aquarium and their marine mammal center.  You can learn more about the professional development workshop and register at the below link!  We hope to see you there.

This week, the Resource Roundup focuses on opportunities to empower your students through challenges and competitions during the 2024-25 school year.  This is just a sampling of the many amazing engaging opportunities that exist to get students using critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative skills.  Don’t see what you are looking for?

 Just send us an email and we can see if we can help!  Want to do a challenge or competition but need an idea or resources?  We can also try to help you with that as well!  Explore these options and begin a journey of discovery and empowerment for your students in the upcoming year.  Join National Geographic’s Slingshot Challenge for conservation topics, EarthEcho’s OurEcho Challenge that focuses on biodiversity, the ocean awareness art contest hosted by Bow Seat, and so much more from biotechnology and App creation to STEM challenges and beyond.

As AEM is here to support and elevate the educator community, we are always open to hearing ideas from teachers about workshop topics they would love to see!  Have an idea?  Simply send us an email at and we will see if we can design a unique experience.  

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