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AEM Food Waste Resource Roundup

This week we are jumping into the world of food waste.  AEM Educator Ambassador, Amanda Ferguson, is a second grade teacher at Arbor Ridge K-8.  She also heads up their green school team and their Club SERVE student program.  Over the past six years she has been working to help her school become more sustainable and she has found that food waste is a topic that most schools strive to address successfully.  According to World Wildlife Fund, information gathered through their Food Waste Warriors program in 46 schools across the USA, food waste in schools could amount to an estimated 530,000 tons per year(December 5, 2019 WWF press release).  That translates into about $9.7M per day or $1.7B per school year.  Yeah,  just let that sink in for a moment.  It is apparent that food waste is an issue that deserves attention not only in schools, but across the global community.  Through education youth about food waste we are able to help them change their behavior.    It is an essential and important first step to making improvements.  So, this weeks Resource Roundup will provide you with ways to educate both your school and community on ways to conserve food and become more sustainable in relation to food waste.  

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