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AEM Growth Mindset Resource Roundup

Greetings educator community and happy first day of February.  Authentic Exploration Matters continues to work on developing opportunities for educators to connect, obtain resources, experience authentic opportunities that will engage educators and students, and so much more.  This is, indeed, a time of renewal and continued development for AEM as we strive to listen to educator voices.  As always, you can always reach out to us for assistance with resource location, help in finding opportunities, and just to simply tell us what you(as an educator) could really use.  Simply email us back at this email or access our web site at the link below(option 2).

This weeks Resource Roundup is focused on different types of mindsets.  As we have officially surpassed the 100 day mark, we can sometimes feel a bit stretched and challenged.  Don’t get me wrong, challenges are good(usually).  Challenges are a part of life and they force us to look at a given situation and see how we can fix it or make it better.  So, the month of February we will be linking you to resources that focus on developing a healthy growth mindset, an innovative STEAM mindset, a more sustainable conservation mindset, and an imagination sparking challenge mindset.  As we address and develop these mindset areas, we are given the tools to grow, elevate, inspire, create, and ignite a community(big and small) of change makers that can address issues we face with ingenuity and collaboration. To access the links to each of the resources, simply do one of the three following actions.

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