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AEM Human Impacts Resource Roundup

Happy Thursday from the team at Authentic Exploration Matters(AEM)!  We are in the countdown to the Thanksgiving and winter breaks!  This coming weekend, AEM will be present at the F.A.T.E conference in St Pete, FL.  Then, November 4 & 5 we will be engaging minds of all ages at the Orlando Maker Faire!  We would love to see you there!  We continue to work on some opportunities to inspire and elevate the amazing educators that are teaching young minds.  The Conqueror race discount is also still effective until the end of the month, so take advantage of 70% off of a virtual destination race!  As always, we are available to help teachers find the resources they need to implement experiential learning opportunities in their classrooms and school wide communities.  This can include lesson plans, activities, in-person or virtual field trips, Q&A sessions, grant funding opportunities, professional developments, and more.  Simply send us an email and we will see how we can help you!

This weeks Resource Roundup focuses on the human impacts that effect the natural world and communities.  As we an all agree, humans have had both positive and negative impacts.  Learning from this impacts can help lead us to a more sustainable future.  AEM Educator Ambassador, Lynn Kelly-McClish, requested resources surrounding this topic to help her students understand the connections that exist across varying perspectives and scales when we look at how humanity has impacted life on Earth.  This week resource roundup features an intriguing game, interactive maps, lesson plans, videos, and more! 

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