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AEM Mangrove and Race Resource Roundup

This weeks Resource Roundup centers on the topic of Mangroves, requested by AEM Educator Ambassador Jessica Sarduy.  Jessica teaches math, science, and STEAM at Blankner K-8.  She is a sustainability champion, was awarded “Teacher of the Year” and recognized as one of the top 5 educators for her district.  She loves teaching kids to think globally and act locally.  She loves using STEAM to get students involved in the topics they are learning about.  This year she is focusing her curriculum on “Oceans”.  As part of her focus, she will be educating students on the importance of mangroves.  Blankner K-8 was chosen to help grow mangroves this year and she hopes this opportunity will help kids feel more connected to what they are learning about.  Did you know that mangroves not only provide natural infrastructure to help protect nearby populated areas, but they are an important ecosystem too!  Mangroves act as carbon sinks, are hotspots for biodiversity, improve water quality, provide coastal protection, and provide essential resources to people.  Check out this weeks Resource Roundup to find some ways to elevate your students knowledge on mangroves.

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