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AEM Storytelling Resource Roundup

As mentioned, this week we will be focusing the Resource Roundup on “Storytelling”.  Teaching youth to become effective storytellers provides them with ways to motivate people, increase participation, boost creativity, enhance collaboration skills, and depend the understanding of a subject.  Storytelling is essential in every subject!  We tell stories to educate, entertain, prompt action or support, and inform.  Stories are not just found in written word.  Storytelling is effective in the written form, through videography, social media, photography, reports, and more.  Storytelling can help us share information, increase empathy, elevate critical thinking, create emotional experiences, express ideas, and can be a catalyst to drive change.  It is for this reason, that incorporating the art of storytelling is a critical skill to provide students.  You can explore the WonderLab, journey through Storycorps, jump into marketing, and more.  

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