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AEM Student Opportunities Resource Roundup and Discovery Workshops

Happy Thursday!  The team at Authentic Exploration Matters(AEM) has some exciting educator opportunities in the works.  Keep your eyes open for upcoming information on our new “Discovery Series” educator workshops!  These one day workshops will be tailored to small(10-15) groups of educators.  They will engage and inspire teachers with new, and fun, ways to include STEAM in your classroom while also igniting a passion in teachers to bring these types of experiences to their students.  Would you like a little “teaser” for one of our first Discovery workshops?  Think about using all of STEAM to create thematic experiences at theme parks, restaurants, and more!  Yep, that the only hint we are putting out there now.  We will be working on the details and hope to offer the experience in April or May of 2024.  We are also in talks with several other unique opportunities and we can’t wait to share them with you!  Each Discovery workshop will focus on a STEAM related topic.  They are one day workshops for educators that are designed to give you new, authentic ways to connect your students to topics that are both relevant in todays global community and may help give students ideas for future career paths!  It is all very exciting!  There will be an application process for each workshop and upon completion attendees will be asked to design a short hands-on activity related to something they learned at the workshop.    More details to come!

Speaking of inspiring youth, this week the Resource Roundup features opportunities for students to engage in hands-on learning outside of the classroom.  This includes citizen science, summer camps, and more!  While summer is still a bit off in the distance, it will also be here before we know it.  Some of these opportunities are great for summer engagement!  Other listings connect you with new possible field trip ideas, ways to engage your class or school with citizen science, and even family options!  Jump in!

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