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AEM VR and AI Resource Roundup

Greetings educators.  We are now in the home stretch!  It is hard to believe we are already at the end of March.  Authentic Exploration Matters is working on several projects that will benefit teachers, so keep a watch for updates!  One of those projects is our Discovery workshop series.  Next month I will be announcing specifics on two educator workshops we will be hosting with some amazing Florida organizations.  As workshops become available, we will let you know.  We are working to create these workshops in a way that aligns with OCPS regulations so that they qualify for PD credits.  If  a teachers from a different county joins us, let us know and we will see what your county needs in order to qualify as well.  The first two Discovery Workshops will be announced next week!

This week, we will focus on the worlds of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.  The realm of virtual reality has been shown to offer students new insights and perspectives while also improving teamwork and social skills through the creation of exciting learning environments.   VR can promote active learning through immersive experiences in a wide array of virtual environments.  Artificial Intelligence can help the education community by identifying gaps in student knowledge and providing feedback that may help improve learning outcome.  AI also has the potential to enhance learning experiences by providing personalized leaning while also helping students develop higher-level thinking skills.  As society continues to evolve, the field of VR and AI become more and more present in our lives.  Take a dive into the digital world and explore a few resources that may help you integrate some VR and/or AI into your classroom or school community.

With next month being Earth Week month, I have also included some links to activities and lessons you can implement as a way to increase awareness and elevate student empowerment in the world of conservation and sustainability.

To access the direct link to each resource, simply do one of the three following options.  

1) Open the attached .pdf and click on the circle located next to each description.

2) Visit the AEM website and access the Resource Roundup link that will take you to all of our past issues as well.

3) Click on the Canva link to be directed to this months issue.

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