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AEM Human Impacts on the Oceans Resource Roundup

Hello educator community.  We hope that you have been well and are getting in some time to relax.  As the summer progresses, we want to remind you that Authentic Exploration Matters is here for you.  We are excited for our upcoming Leading Light experience on July 6, 2024 when we will gather for a bioluminescence kayak excursion.  As of yesterday there were only a few spots left.  Remember that in August we will host a Discovery Day workshop with ORCA(Ocean Research and Conservation Association) where you will learn about their efforts to study and restore the Indian River Lagoon Ecosystem.  Attendees will be trained in their “A Day In The Life” program protocol.  This is a great opportunity to look at ways to integrate data collection and analyzing data on a local topic!  

More information and registration can be accessed on our website.

This week we are highlighting AEM Educator Ambassador Anna Cazel whom is a Marine Sciences teacher at Sanford Middle School.  She loves sharing her passion for the oceans with her students!  Check out this weeks Resource Roundup and learn why she strives to connect youth with the impacts that humans have on the oceans.  

This is another wonderful opportunity to show them that while humanity has had negative impacts on our oceans, they are also working on many ways to improve oceans.  Let your students become empowered to be change makers of the present and future!

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