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AEM Mental Health in STEAM Resource Roundup

Hello educator community!  Can you believe next week is May?  OK, I am sure you can and are ready.  Stay on the look out next month for some educator professional development and other opportunities for teachers.  This week we are focusing on resources that highlight mental health and ways to connect the topic to some areas of STEAM.  Explore neuroplasticity through game based learning, creating comic sketches, and formative assessments.  Uncover the “Truth About Your Brain” with Kahn Academy.  Connect ways in which climate topics can affect mental health.  Access a broad database of resources offered by PBS on mental health and more!  We all know that incorporating a growth mindset and supporting mental health are two keys to empowering students towards a successful future and elevating their confidence as they uncover their path in life.

REMEMBER - - -  This Saturday, April 27, from 10am to 2pm, we will be enjoying a hike, scavenger hunt, and picnic at the Enchanted Forest Preserve.  The event is FREE and is meant to serve as a way to not only grow a strong educator community, but also connect you to local treasures.  The preserve is located at 444 Columbia Blvd in Titusville, FL.  We will meet at the Nature Center at 10 and start our scavenger hunt and hiking time to explore this 470 acre preserve at 10:20.  Bring a water and a picnic lunch and enjoy some time to get to know other teachers in Central Florida!  Did you know that the preserve has five habitat types including oak scrub, mesic and hydro hammock, wet prairie, and pine flatwood?  You can learn more on our website at The “Buy Tickets” button is only as an RSVP as this event is free.  Feel free to invite other educators, friends, and bring the family along(kids welcome)!

As AEM is here to support and elevate the educator community, we are always open to hearing ideas from teachers about workshop topics they would love to see!  Have an idea?  Simply send us an email at and we will see if we can design a unique experience.  

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