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AEM Mentorship in Sustainability Resource Roundup

Hello educator community.  As more schools enter their summer break time, we hope that each of you are finding ways to relax and recharge.  The summers always seem to go so quickly.  The staff at Authentic Exploration Matters(AEM) is keeping busy with our own families and enjoying a bit of “down” time as well.  We are very much looking forward to our upcoming Leading Light event that will be held on July 6, 2024.  We will be joining with other educators to embark on a bioluminescence kayak excursion.  Space is limited, but you can access information on our website.  This is simply a chance to connect with others educators in a unique and engaging environment.  Please go to our website to access information, or reach out to me with any questions!  Our web site can be found at:

As mentioned, the summer Resource Roundup features a slightly different format.  Each week, one of our Educator Ambassadors will highlight a topic the have a love for and would like to share.  This week our Resource Roundup features a topic that AEM Educator Ambassador Amanda Ferguson feels is a pillar to enhancing both the school community and beyond.  Mentorship for sustainability in schools not only help elevate a very relevant global(and regional) topics, but it also helps provide partnerships that can help to better integrate the world of sustainability into a school community.  Read on for some insights from Amanda.  Then explore a few resources that can help you begin or enhance a sustainability movement in your school.

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