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AEM School Community Resource Roundup and Questionnaire

opportunities to implement in 2024 and beyond!  These opportunities are designed strictly for the educator community to help inspire, ignite, and elevate our valued teachers.  As we progress through this process, we would love to hear some of your ideas.  The insight and input of the educator community is highly valued at AEM as we strive to help you.  We would be ever so grateful if you could please take just a few moments to access the attached questionnaire as soon as possible.  Thank you in advance!

Questionnaire for educators:

This weeks Resource Roundup is focusing on ways that school-wide communities can become more involved not only in the school, but also in relation to local, regional, and global scales.  Including opportunities for schools to elevate their communities is a wonderful way to introduce them to the skills of collaboration, problem solving, and it also elevates understanding and compassion.  Additionally, it helps to empower youth as they see how thier ideas, talents, and efforts can make a difference.  Remember you are always welcome to reach out if you need assistance with resources on a topic you would like to elevate in the classroom, an after school club, or to your school-wide community! To access the direct link to each resource, simply do one of the three following options.  

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