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AEM Summer Storytelling Resource Roundup

Updated: Jun 6

Summer greetings!  Many educators are officially on summer break(or will be soon)!  As we move into summer, you will notice that the Resource Roundup has a slightly different look.  During the summer months, Authentic Exploration Matters (AEM) Resource Roundup will focus on teacher voices.  Each week, an AEM team member or one of our Educator Ambassadors will highlight a topic of their choosing.  Following each short “article” you will find four resources that align with that topic.  If you have a topic that you would like to see highlighted, please reach out and we will do what we can to incorporate it into a future issue.   This week will feature storytelling in the realm of STEAM.  This topic was chosen by yours truly, Kirstin Cowan.  While I have always loved storytelling, its’ importance in the world of educating others was elevated through my National Geographic Educator Training.  It is truly a topic that can be woven into nearly every aspect of life!  Be on the lookout each week for a new educator perspective on a topic!

This coming Monday we are excited to host a Discovery Day workshop with Mote Marine.  Attendees will be speaking with a Mote scientist as we briefly explore the world of Blue Holes and the research that is being done to uncover the reality of what they are.  We will then discuss how teachers can translate this into the classroom setting for students to engage with.  Before a lunch break, we will be getting our feet wet as we explore the bay for some field sampling.  After lunch, attendees will have a chance to explore both the Mote Aquarium and the Mote Marine Mammal Center.  Attendees will later meet to continue the conversation around ways they would possibly incorporate information and experiences into their classrooms.  Each educator's idea is like a drop of water that joins with other ideas to create an ocean of opportunities for both teachers and students.  What will your “drop” add?  You can learn more about future Discovery Days and Leading Light opportunities by visiting our website at .

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