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AEM Sustainable Engineering Resource Roundup

Hi from the team at Authentic Exploration Matters(AEM).  We send you all the very best and our deepest appreciation for all that you do every day!  We also hope that the solar eclipse didn’t create too much chaos.  At least it wasn’t like the day after Halloween with sugar highs.  As we move along in April and many are searching for engaging ways to connect students with the environment, AEM would like to help with some engineering ideas!  The world of engineering will be pivotal as today’s youth learn to navigate all that will be present in the future.  Finding ways to create sustainable items and structures will be key to a more sustainable future.  Check out NEEF’s Green Engineering guide.  Teach Engineering offers standards-aligned options.  Science Buddies elevates engineering with fun design challenges.  Resources 4 Learning looks at ways to integrate sustainability issues and engineering.  Oregon State University has created lessons on green building design, solar cells, and more!  Try Engineering has a database of engineering plans and activities such as desert island survival and adaptive design.  Finally, the STEM Learning Design Challenge prompts students to engage in a sustainable design opportunity.  The possibilities are nearly endless and we hope these resources help you connect with some unique ideas to implement in your classroom.  

As AEM is here to support and elevate the educator community, we are always open to hearing ideas from teachers about workshop topics they would love to see!  Have an idea?  Simply send us an email at and we will see if we can design a unique experience.  

To access the direct link to each resource, simply do one of the three following options.  

1) Open the attached .pdf and click on the circle located next to each description.

2) Visit the AEM website and access the Resource Roundup link that will take you to all of our past issues as well.

Link to the

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